The ARC is supported by staff from the Research Services Directorate, many of whom are resident in the ARC to support day-today activities and the over-arching vision.

Professor Andrew Tobin - Director

Professor Andrew Tobin

Andrew Tobin, Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, is the ARC's founding Director.

Professor Tobin joined the University of Glasgow in September 2016 and, as lead of the Technologies Touching Life theme, he has been closely involved with the development of the ARC since the project began. He is passionate about the opportunities this new building brings.

"I am delighted to have been asked to contribute to this fantastic project that underlines the commitment of the University to ground-breaking collaborative research across disciplines. The ARC, and the principles behind it, have been a long-term goal of the University. As a name, it encompasses our vision to conduct collaborative, out-of-reach research that has real societal impact.

It is so much more than a building. We want to take a shared vision and expertise from across all areas of the University community to genuinely transform the way we do research, with the ultimate aim of changing the lives of the people, community and world around us."

John Harris - Head of Operations

Prior to joining the University as the Head of Operations for the ARC, John was the manager of the Queen Elizabeth Teaching and Learning Centre, where he played a key role in the setup and operational management of the teaching and research facility.

He is responsible for the planning and operational management required to deliver the daily operation of the building along with the wider aspirations of the ARC.

Carol-Anne Smith - Technical Operations Manager

Carol-Anne Smith leads a specialist team to deliver an effective and efficient technical service to end users, enabling collaborative research to thrive within the ARC.

Prior to her appointment in the ARC, Carol-Anne worked in the Institute of Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology as a Specialist/Technician in Charge. She was also the lab manager for the Centre for the Cellular Microenvironment.

Aileen Gardner - Administration Manager

Aileen is the Administration Manager of the ARC

Laura Tyler - Research Communications Manager & ARC Communications Lead

Laura TylerThe Research Communications team from the Research Services Directorate lead on ARC Communications. Working with colleagues from across the University, particularly closely with colleagues in External Relations, the team are involved in the full breadth of communications activities including social media (running the ARC Twitter account), events, web pages, video content, photography and internal communications.

Laura and Nick provide professional advice and support to colleagues throughout the ARC. You will often see them in the ARC looking for volunteers willing to participate in videos or photo shoots, often using cake for motivation!

Nick Bruce - Research Communications Officer

Nick works closely with Laura Tyler on all things Research Communications. Nick supports communications across Research Services and the ARC, and manages web content for the directorate. He is based between the ARC and 11 Professor's Square and rides a motorbike to work. Broom broom!

Charlotte Reid - Digital Content Creator

Charlotte is part of the Communications Team as Digital Content Creator, helping to showcase some of the groundbreaking research done at the ARC. Before she joined the team, Charlotte created video and audio content for production companies and online publications. This included videos for social media, television and cinema screens. You might see her around the ARC with a camera in her hand, so please don't be shy!

Ken Skeldon - Research Engagement Manager

Ken is the University’s Research Engagement Manager and is responsible for leading the implementation of the University’s research engagement activities in line with the Research Strategy 2020-25.

Working with colleagues across the University, Ken is leading on establishing the ARC as an institution-wide resource to facilitate and enable staff and students to participate in creative engagement activities, helping to support their research and careers.

Ken also works closely with the University’s community engagement network to position the ARC as a welcoming place for the wider public, creating new programmes and ensuring integration with existing public-facingresearch-led initiatives.

Casi Dylan - ARC Events & Engagement Manager

Casi is the ARC’s Events and Engagement Manager, having previously worked as the Cultural Activities Coordinator at the College of Arts & Humanities. 

Casi will manage the ARC’s public events and engagement activities, and develop a welcoming, wide-ranging programme that brings together researchers from across the university with community and industry partners. Casi supports colleagues to make best use of the space for creative and collaborative research engagement.

Hannah Campbell - ARC Events Coordinator

Hannah works as Events Coordinator at the ARC. Prior to joining the team, Hannah worked as Alternate Realities Programme Producer at Sheffield DocFest, at Manchester Animation Festival as their Audience Development Manager, and on the pre-selection committee at Glasgow Short Film Festival, as well as in a range of art galleries and museums in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Lisa Bradley - ARC Interdisciplinary Lead

Lisa BradleyLisa is an anti-disciplinary scholar and methodologist who has worked across various fields including Education, Urban Studies, Public Policy, Cultural Studies, Criminology, and Craft. Her work is focused on practices of knowledge production and meaning-making, where she explores and challenges dominant knowledge practices as they relate to marginalised ways of knowing and being, including within academic spaces.

Lisa aims to study, research and promote interdisciplinarity within the ARC through a range of activities including creative practices, cross-disciplinary community building and development of a cross-disciplinary research culture. Lisa aims to reach out across the ARC to learn about different research areas and understand the barriers to collaborating across disciplinary boundaries. 


Marta Pec & Hannah Meechan - Reception



Marta and Hannah co-ordinate the smooth running of the front desk and provide a warm welcome to visitors. 


Kelly Hawkins - Washroom Supervisor

Kelly manages the Washroom team in the ARC, dealing with biohazardous waste and sterilisation to aid the working of the labs across chemistry and biology. She's the queen of clean.